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The Fort Gaines section of the Red Clay Trail is located in the city of Fort Gaines and can be walked in 45 minutes.

Fort Gaines Trail Map

39 Stop an Shop Restaurant at 504 Hancock Street is the first stop on the Fort Gaines section of the Red Clay Trail.


The Fort Gaines Women's Club at 102 Bluff Street is the home of two beautiful barn quilts.

This patriotic pattern was painted by Tammy Pope and now resides at 101 Troupe Street.

The Pope Residence at 104 Commerce Street was the home of the first barn quilt in Clay County.

The Fort Gaines ARC Building is the home of one of the original barn quilts created by the Red Clay Trail. It is located at 107 Commerce Street.

You can see this design on the side of Cricket Drug Store at 101 Hancock Street. This is one of the original quilts made at the "barn quilt class" taught by Tammy Pope.

Reel Time Remodeling and Roofing at 108 East Commerce Street chose this "1094 Star" design for their business.

This lovely "9 Patch Star" quilt was made by Ann Penuel and family. It is located at 102 Washington Street.

The Old Gym on Wilson Street is the home of two interesting barn quilts and worth the short walk.

The Clay County Administrative Building at 147 Wilson Street is the home for this patriotic design.

The Clay County Social Services Building on Wilson Street is the home of this beautiful "Patchwork Tulips" barn quilt. It was painted by Bob and Jo Ann Braxton and installed by Don Mathis.


This " Blazing Star Bright" pattern and colors were selected by Barbara Spicer. This looks so good at the rectory at 307 Hartford Road East in Fort Gaines. What a beautiful addition to the Fort Gaines section of the Red Clay Trail.

20230913_103444 (1).jpg

The Fort Gaines Health and Rehab picked out this "Garden Lily" pattern and color scheme. It looks so good on there building at 101 Hartford Road in Fort Gaines.


The Historic Brumbalow Home at 118 New Park Road is the home of this bright "1904 Star" design.

Rubo's Grocery Store located at 104 Hancock Street choose this bright purple "Boxed Star" design for their location.

Touch of Blossoms Inc. located at 205 South Hancock Street has this beautiful basket of flowers painted and designed by Anne Lynn.

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