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The northern portion of the Red Clay Trail begins at Highway 39 at the Clay County and Quitman County border and meanders south to Fort Gaines

The first stop on the northern leg begins at 140 Pataula Shores Circle, Fort Gaines GA. This "Summer Rose" pattern is a perfect choice for this location.


This beautiful "Fish" barn quilt resides at 47 Lakeview Drive, Fort Gaines GA with one of the best fishermen on the lake.

These lovebirds were painted by Sherri Mixon and are located at 123 Lakeview Drive, Fort Gaines GA.

The Lindsey Family choose this "Stacked Star" pattern for their wood shed at 94 Poya Point , Fort Gaines GA.

The Shaver Family Residence is home to a pair of "Carolina Cardinal" Barn Quilts and a decorative hanger that changes monthly. The location is 82 Poya Point, Fort Gaines GA.


The Bates Family Lake Home is the new home for this "State of Georgia" Barn Quilt. The location is 74 Poya Point, Fort Gaines GA.

This "Double Cardinal" Barn Quilt has found a home at 14 Polo Chase Circle, Fort Gaines, GA.


This pair of pretty yellow birds now live at 22 Polo Chase Circle, Fort Gaines GA.


The Podowski Residence at 24 Polo Chase Circle, Fort Gaines GA is the home of this happy "Hummingbird" Quilt.

The Don Mathis Work Shop is the home of this beautiful set of "Love Birds". The location is 10 Griffiths Drive, Fort Gaines, GA.


The Michael Johnson residence on 254 Cotton Hill Drive, Fort Gaines Ga is the home for this "Red Wing Blackbirds" barn quilt.

The Cagle Residence at 1367 Cotton Hill Road, Fort Gaines GA is the home of the "Crazy Chicken" Barn Quilt.

crazy chicken.jpeg

This bright "Sunflower" quilt can be seen at the Lindsey Residence at 620 Cotton Hill Road, Fort Gaines GA.

The name of this pattern is "Indian Harvest". The Hartley family picked out the pattern and colors. It really fits well on the pump house at their home at 246 Cottonhill Road in Fort Gaines.


Stop in at Griffin's Kitchen for a great meal on the weekend and check out this lovely barn quilt..  The location is 1051 Highway 39.


Flint's Wild Game Processing located at 32 Mt. Zion Road, Fort Gaines GA is the home of this colorful "Blue Jay" quilt.

Anderson Construction Company of Fort Gaines is the home for this "Blazing Star" quilt. They are located at 58 Crosier Lane, Fort Gaines GA.

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