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The Red Clay Barn Quilt Trail is anchored in Clay County Georgia. The original barn quilt in Clay County was created by local artist Tammy Pope for her home in Fort Gaines. She added a second quilt for a neighbor and then in the summer of 2022 she taught a class on creating barn quilts at the Fort Gaines Museum. The Clay County Economic Development Council provided the initial funding for 12 quilts with the goal of establishing a barn quilt trail in southwest Georgia.There are presently 57 barn quilts on The Red Clay Trail.

The Red Clay Barn Quilt Trail

When visiting or touring the Red Clay Trail please respect the property of the owner's home or business. To make it more convenient for our visitors we have divided the trail into three sections. Both the Northern and Southern Tour Sections can be driven in about 90 minutes each. The Fort Gaines Section can be walked in about 45 minutes. All three sections are listed in the best travel sequence to eliminate as much back tracking as possible. If you need directions from one location to the next you can use the google map below. All of the locations are listed on the map.

Complete Trail Map

Join The Red Clay Trail

If you would like to join the trail you have a number of options. You can make or purchase your barn quilt and install it on your building and if it meets our requirements we will list it on the trail.  A second option is to request some help from the barn quilt trail committee. We can help you pick a quilt pattern or help design and make a quilt.  We presently have some barn quilts that are completed and ready to hang. We also have a limited amount of material if you would like to design and build your own quilt.

All barn quilts on The Red Clay Trail must be based on a traditional quilt block or a family heirloom pattern and may not contain any POLITICAL messages, representations from religious or special interest groups, family initials or crests, sports logos or advertising of any kind.

In order to be approved for the Red Clay Trail, the location must be in Clay County and your building must meet the following conditions as a minimum: The grounds around the building must be well kept and free of junk piles or broken down equipment. Buildings must be unobstructed by trees, bushes, or other buildings and must be close enough to a road for a barn quilt block to be easily recognizable . The location must afford a good unobstructed view from a public road as well as a safe place for passersby to pull over and take pictures. If you are approved for the Red Clay Trail there is no cost for the property owner but the property owner is responsible to have the barn quilt installed on the building. The Red Clay Barn Quilt committee reserves the right to refuse to provide its services. The decision of the trail committee is final.



There are a number of web sites that are excellent resources on everything you want to know about barn quilts. We recommend you spend some time at the Alabama Barn Quilt Trail, Barn Quilt Info, Barn Quilt Headquarters, and The Chatt Hills Barn Quit Trail web sites. In addition to these excellent web sites, You Tube is filled with some great videos.

The process we use on the Red Clay Trail has been copied from these resources and is attached as a PDF below.

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